Book of the Week: The Great Book of Amber.

The Great Book of Amber: The Complete Amber Chronicles, 1-10 is a collection of Roger Zelazny’s ten Chronicles of Amber novels (but not the short fiction).  Back when I was a kid, when I joined the Science Fiction Book Club (it did not end well) I got a collection of the first five Chronicle of Amber novels as part of my introductory package; I read the other five… later. These are definitely books that you need to read if you want to understand how the fantasy genre developed post-Tolkien.  They’re also, you know, good.

And so, adieu to Fritz Leiber: Selected Stories.


  • AndaO says:

    Moe-there are many reasons I enjoy your blog.
    music, books, cooking

    this time it was books.
    Just ordered this for my grandson

  • Luke says:

    Did anybody’s experience with The Science Fiction Book Club actually end well?
    Asking for a friend.
    (OK, it was much better than Columbia House. But…)
    They’re extremely good. (I recall the first five blowing my tweenage mind. I didn’t discover the Merlin set until nearly a decade later.)
    But I am forced to argue that they didn’t actually have much of a long-term impact on post-Tolkien fantasy. (More’s the pity.) Freewheeling imagination, deadly intrigue, convoluted backstory, nigh godlike characters, etc. didn’t really show up very often.
    Instead we got lots of swords with a “truth” motif, character stereotypes, and much wandering without a readily-apparent purpose.

    • JAB says:

      The first 5 books, maybe not. Books 5-10, maybe, especially if you think of them as urban fantasy. A mystery to be solved, a powerful main character, complicated romance…

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