Curlomancy (Divination) [GURPS]

OK. So maybe two Olympics posts. Mr. T is down with curling, so I have a totally legitimate excuse. Having Mr. T approve of what you’re doing instantly validates your life choices.

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Curlomancy (Divination)


Curlomancy is the interpretation of the positions of rocks, brooms, and pebbles during a standard curling championship match. Duration to cast is two and a half hours, but cost to cast is only 3; the caster must spend the entire time sketching out the pathways of the rocks as they move, and are replaced.  Curlomancy involves itself with the fate of nations and groups, not individuals (-5 to attempts to make a personal divination); it is the geomantic equivalent of a horoscope, and can give broad clues as to which policies and goals to promote.  Having present an official representative of the country being divined gives +1 to the final roll. Note: the winner of the curling contest is irrelevant to the divination! Prerequisites: three Earth and three Water spells.


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