Tweet of the Day, Guess How Old Babylon 5 Is? edition.

Not as bad as you might think: Babylon 5 is ‘only’ 25.

I know, I know: I’m still being a moon-faced assassin of joy.  Can I be honest with all y’all?  I enjoyed Babylon 5 a lot, and I liked the main characters just fine.  But I watched it for Londo. And G’Kar. Garibaldi, of course.  Ivanova, goes without saying.  Named a RPG character after Marcus, so obviously him. And I’m disgusted that you would even think that I forgot Vir.

Huh.  I was expecting that list to be shorter — oh, crud, yeah, Bester. Of course Bester.  Geez, Moe.

Moe Lane


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