Dungeons & Dragons movie on the menu.

Looks like they’re trying to make some magic, here: “Chris McKay, who recently directed “The Lego Batman Movie” pic for Warner Bros., is in negotiations to direct “Dungeons & Dragons” for Paramount Pictures. Michael Gillio will be penning the script. Hasbro’s Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis are producing.” Hasbro has apparently realized that since Marvel is currently making obscene amounts of money via developing their backlist, then maybe so can Hasbro.  Their new film unit — Allspark Pictures* — plans to reboot Transformers (via a Bumblebee film not directed by Michael Bay), GI Joe, Dungeons & Dragons, do a Micronauts movie (not something I grew up watching), and some other flick.

Will it all work? :shrug: Probably not. Although if they decide to do a GI Joe/Transformers crossover I reserve the right to change my opinion. As for the D&D flick?  Well. I think that I’ve talked about this before, but: sure, you could make a decent movie out of Greyhawk or Forgotten Realms or, hey, Ravenloft. I just don’t know if Hasbro has it in ’em. Guess we’ll see.

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Moe Lane

*Full points for a cool, fan-friendly name.


  • Finrod says:

    Well, it’s not like they could make worse movies for Dungeons & Dragons, or GI Joe, or Transformers, than what came before, really.

  • Brian Swisher says:

    They’ve already made a Dungeons and Dragons movie. It’s called “Knights of Badassdom”.

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