Book of the Week: The Silmarillion.

OK, I admit it: this is mostly a reminder to me to reread The Silmarillion. I get that most of my readers are going to be at least familiar with the book, and most of the rest of JRR Tolkien’s work.  Still, you never know, right?

And so, adieu to The Great Book of Amber.


  • Finrod says:

    This is where I admit that it took me four readings of The Silmarillon before I felt I had a handle on it. After that I chose a name from it to be my online alias and I’ve been using that since 1990.

  • AndaO says:

    I ordered the Great Book of Amber for my turning 12 reading at a 12th grade level grandson.

    Tried, Tried, Tried… I believe the Silmarillion was just writing prompts.

    • Luke says:

      Try the audiobook version.
      The stories in The Silmarillion are written in the oral tradition, which can be tough sledding to read, but flow organically when you listen.
      It’s likely you’ve experienced the effect hearing a preacher read from the Old Testament, especially with respect to the begats.

      • AndaO says:

        This is too funny because I was raised Quaker. So, no… not too many readings of the begats.

        But I do get the reference and I have a memory of listening to this… maybe in the car traveling back & forth when I was working on my masters?? maybe I didn’t get it because of the lack of that oral tradition! LOL

        However, our little Indiana meeting had been infected enough by Methodist that I do have a substantial history of hymns!

        Life is full of quirks.

  • nicklevi86 says:

    For some reason, I had a harder time with Two Towers than Silmarillion. I guess the elves didn’t dwell as much on wandering the countryside.

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