The protean ‘Christopher Robin’ trailer.

An old buddy of mine is a little conflicted about this.

Basically, it’s the commercialization of Pooh vs. his desire to see something exactly like this. I think: I’ll have to ask him. But I’m interested in something else. To wit, The Mary Poppins Returns trailer:

Kind of the same movie, isn’t it? An update of a children’s classic, written with adults in mind — a magical entity comes back and helps a broken-down adult revisit the magic of his childhood. Which sounds a lot like Hook, come to think of it. Which I liked, almost in spite of itself.

Anyhow, I assume Disney has a reason for making movies like this at this time. They usually do. It is, as they say, their jam.

Moe Lane

PS: ‘Protean’ because that Christopher Robin trailer absolutely works as the story of a man having a psychotic break and descending into a hallucinatory madness. Which isn’t going to happen here solely because it’s Disney.

5 thoughts on “The protean ‘Christopher Robin’ trailer.”

  1. Hook was a great movie, right up until it started falling apart in the third act. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hook and I’ll defend it. However you have to bow to its flaws.

    1. “Hook was a great movie, right up until it started falling apart in the third act.”

      There are a LOT of movies you could say exactly that about. Silent Hill was one.

  2. In re psychotic break – if you havent already, watch Wilfred in either the popular or the original Australian versions. Capsule concept, depressed make talks to dog who talks back. Dog played by man in dog suit. Oddly and interestingly enough if I recall correctly, the same actor played the dog in both versions – kind of like when an actor redid a stage role again for the movies.

  3. The answer to this question is similar to the old riddle about where an 800 pound gorilla can sit.

    They have Marvel, Pixar, The Muppets, Star Wars, and Mickey Mouse. They can make movies to settle a five dollar bet if they want to.

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