Lucasfilm hires Jon Favreau to produce live-action Star Wars TV series.

Witness the power of this fully operatiOK, that joke is played out: “Lucasfilm is excited to announce that Emmy-nominated producer and actor Jon Favreau has signed on to executive produce and write a live-action Star Wars series for Disney’s new direct-to-consumer platform. Favreau is no stranger to the Star Wars galaxy having played roles in both the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story.”   But will it suck?

Good question.  By all accounts, Clone Wars does not — but it’s animation, which means that they save a mint on special effects that way.  The question really is, what are they going to do in that universe?  I mean, sure, KOTOR screams out for a miniseries.  It screams so very, very loudly.  But who here thinks that Disney’s gonna go down that road?

Yeah… yeah.  Me, neither.

Moe Lane

PS: I’d so totally watch a KOTOR miniseries. First and second campaigns. I’d pay for the streaming service providing it without even slowing down.


  • JustDave says:

    The old Stargate SG1 (and spinoffs) actually had pretty good special effects. Presumably the state of the art has advanced since then, so I think an effects-heavy TV show can work, at least from that point of view.


    For me the real question is if they have the writing to maintain it. The less than completely coherent plot in Last Jedi does not bode well, IMO. But we’ll see.


    On the other hand, I haven’t watched episodic TV since House ended its run, so it probably would have to be crystallized awesome good to get me to watch it anyway…

    • nicklevi86 says:

      *ding* we have a winner. Same thing happened to numerous other franchises. All shiny, but completely hollow or downright awful otherwise. (*Stares at late-stage StarTrek*)

    • 1_rick says:

      “Presumably the state of the art has advanced since then”

      Not everywhere, though. The Brits, in particular, seem to have a lot of trouble making explosions that look anything better than the original theatrical release of Star Wars (i.e., they’re painfully-obviously composited).

  • darkiguana says:

    Clone Wars and Rebels were great. If this show is anything like those, then this will be terrific. Clone Wars is what the Prequels should have been.

    • Randomized says:

      If I had any influence there would be a hard “No super-weapons” rule.

      Also the Imperials need to be competent — and not ridiculously evil. General Hux I’m looking at you.

      Hell if you could translate some of the bad guys from the first season of the man in the high castle, you could make one hell of a series.

      Characters and story over flashy bits and hyper technology.

      • UnmovingGreatLibrary says:

        >> Also the Imperials need to be competent — and not ridiculously evil.
        Speaking of that, Rebels made Grand Admiral Thrawn canon.

        • junior says:

          And from what I’ve heard, they used him well.

          However, Thrawn is someone that’s best used sparingly.

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