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Well, that’s the name inscribed along one side of this titanium club; it’s presumably is a corruption of “UV LED.”  This is a rather specific presumption, but then, there are numerous inset LEDs in the head of said club, and they emit ultraviolet light when Ovlit hits something.  It’s a reasonable guess to make.

Ovlit is, as noted before, is a titanium club that looks like the offspring of a Louisville Slugger and a medieval mace.  It’s extremely well made, shows signs of both use and scrupulous maintenance, and the top third of it seems permanently stained with something.  What it is, we don’t know: when we sent a sample to the CDC, they ended up isolating the entire city block for six weeks — and they still won’t say why.  Ovlit’s apparently safe to handle, though.  The CDC was quite clear on that. And that they never, ever want to be involved further in whatever-this-is. Something about being made laughingstocks in the popular press.


Are you assuming vampires?  Yes, so are we. I mean, obvious enough. Only… vampirism is a known thing. At least, to us (and the CDC). So perhaps it’s something else? Super-vampires? Nega-vampires? Post-Singularity vampires?


Well, we’re sure that you’ll be able to figure it all out.  Don’t worry about the budget — well, don’t worry too much — this seems important.  And, by all means: bring Ovlit along.  You’re probably going to need it.



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