Season 2 of Secret World Legends starts April 4th.

Dawn of the Morninglight.

Also: finally. I have been waiting for new Secret World content — really new Secret World content — for years now. And it has finally arrived! As some of my fellow-cabalists* noted online, the April 4th release date is apparently in their financial information. That means that they’re kind of locked into that.

As to content: the music gives me a Far Cry 5/Bioshock Infinite vibe. I wonder how big the initial zone is, what kind of missions, whether they’re going to try to take away all my fancy gear, whether there’s a lair or a dungeon, that sort of thing — but, hey, fully voiced missions. That’ll be nice. And also give us an idea on how things are going to expand in Secret World Legends from here on in.

So: officially psyched.

Moe Lane

*The League of Monster Slayers. There are many good cabals in Secret World Legends; but this one is mine, and I am very fond of it.

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  • junior says:

    ‘Bout time.

    I briefly hopped on to mess around with the agent system, and then started ignoring the game again. Hopefully the new story content will justify sticking around a little longer next month.

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