Yet another Northeaster to hit, ah, Northeast.

It’s scheduled to miss me, and my relatives in coastal New Jersey should be all right — but my relatives in New England are gonna get hammered, yet again.  There’s been a lot of snow up there. So if you’re up there, buckle down. I swear, it will be June again, some day*.

Moe Lane

*Eighty.  You can hold out for eighty more days, right? It’s not that hard.


  • ChrisValentine says:

    The weird part is that each storm brings a few days of warm weather, so all the snow keeps melting. And then falling on us again a week later. We had a week of 70 degree weather in February!

  • nicklevi86 says:

    Up here in Almost-Canada there are only two seasons: Winter, and the Forth of July. As mild as February was, I should have expected the snow gods were just saving up to dump in March, with compound interest.

  • Belcatar says:

    It is still snowing. June is a mythical place, like Shangri-La.

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