Book of the Week: Bull.

My wife took Bull by David Elliot out of the library, read it, and then handed it off to me and suggested that I read it, too.  It’s a modern poem retelling the Minotaur legend, only the poetry isn’t crap and the author managed to paint a sympathetic portrait of the Minotaur without actually messing with the legend. And Poseidon comes across as the tremendously smug and breezily offensive jackwagon that frankly virtually all of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses were, so full points there. I found it most diverting, and it reads well.  Check it, heh, out.

And so, adieu to Thirty Days Later.

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  • junior says:

    I’m having a hard time thinking of *any* positive stories about Poseidon. It seems pretty much all he does is cause problems for humans that somehow angered him in any story that he plays a role in.

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