Adventure Seed: The Great Tiangong-1 Loot Rush.

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The Great Tiangong-1 Loot Rush


Why?  Well: space stations intrinsically have symbolic and esoteric value, right?  And so do things that fall from the sky, obviously?  So it follows that pieces of a space station that’s fallen out of the sky is going to have a synergistic occult charge, correct?  Seriously, this is all in the textbooks.  The equations for determining the magical charge from overlapping symbolic correspondences were worked out some time in the 1890s.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the helpful reminder of what happened with Skylab.  Several hundred pounds of highly valuable magical debris rained down on Australia, to the ultimate benefit of quite a few alchemists and enchanters.  And the remaining supply is all under the control of an Australian municipality and a California FM radio station, because the former charged the US government for the cleanup and the latter actually paid the bill.  And wasn’t that a fun couple of weeks of emergency inductions and initiations and Adamantine Oath-Makings to go through, too*. It’s so much easier to simply go in and vacuum up all the useful bits before the mundane authorities get involved, honestly.


In fact, several teams are even now setting up to retrieve the debris.  There are multiple teams because there are still multiple possible impact locations for the Tiangong-1. Assuming that it hits land — a reasonable assumption, if it impacts the Northern Hemisphere — the closest team will be following along. Their job will be to get first to the crash site, coordinate the cover-up, substitute the authentically esoteric debris with superficially similar junk, and prep the real stuff for transport.  They’ll be coordinating with local assets when they can, and holding them at arm’s-length when they can’t. And, of course, the first-response team will be there to deal with any spontaneous supernatural events that might occur. Pretty straightforward.


But that’s not what your team is for.  Your team will be the backup / Emergency Response Team, just in case things stop being straightforward.  And how likely is that to happen? Good question.


Are there any more questions?


*There is a distinct esoteric difference between powerful magical items, and powerful magical items that have been acquired via murder.  The difference is unpleasant. Sensible occultists avoid the problem whenever possible.

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