New GURPS On Demand products: Transhuman Space, Basic rules.

I don’t really mention GURPS On Demand all that much, for a very self-centered reason: I don’t really need it.  When it comes to gaps in my collection, they’re… incredibly obscure.  I don’t collect foreign-language versions, so I’m not really that obsessive; but generally speaking anything that’s getting published in 2018 that way was something that I already had (the only exceptions were a couple of 4E things, including GURPS Supers which I still need to pick up).

But! Transhuman Space was a very good 3E GURPS line, particularly if you’re getting a bit tired of eco-dystopia near-future fiction. I never did a campaign in it, but it looked pretty rad; nice balance of various SF themes and room for adventures all over the solar system.  Worth your time to peruse, if you haven’t yet.  And getting a POD version of the 3E Basic Rules* is a no-brainer, really. Surprised they hadn’t done that already.

Moe Lane

*In my heart, I will always belong to 3E.  I have an affection for 4E, to be sure.  But it’s just not the same.


  • Luke says:

    3rd was so nice to work with.
    Where on the bell curve of what’s humanly possible does this fit?
    Anything outside of the curve carries a significant fee and requires a good rationalization.
    Grab it and go. Roll and shout.
    The new version is more universal. And I love some of the new ads (like signature gear!) but it’s much less generic.
    It’s not nearly as modular, where we just clicked magic, or martial arts, or psi into place.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Transhuman Space drills down into prereactionless drive TL9. More extrapolation than revolution, but definitely beyond near-future. Lots of biotech. Some AI, as I recall, but no Singularity. Yet.

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