Book of the Week: The Genesis Fleet: Vanguard.

Oh hey, folks.  Jack Campbell’s coming out with more crack in written form. Excuse me: “a new science fiction series called The Genesis Fleet.” Vanguard‘s out now, and Ascendant is coming out in May. You’re doo-oommmeedddd….

And so, adieu to Bull. Which was the other book I took out from the library, actually.

2 thoughts on “Book of the Week: The Genesis Fleet: Vanguard.”

  1. I read this one back in November:my goodreads notes from then “An excelent start to a new series set centuries before his Lost Fleet work. Not beholden to knowledge of the previous books to enjoy, but with a few easter-eggy references to the themes of the predecessors that reward the long-time reader.”

    1. Well, dang it. The problem is waiting for the next one in the series, though Campbell is much more reliable than a certain fantasy author who shall remain nameless after selling his soul to HBO for an obscene amount of money :/ *SIGH* If only I had a soul that HBO thought worth half so much….

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