Scott Foster, Blackhawks Hero for a night.

God bless America.

After starter Anton Forsberg was hurt during what coach Joel Quenneville described as a “pregame ritual,” and backup Collin Delia cramped up early in the third period, the [Chicago] Blackhawks turned to Scott Foster, an emergency goalie and married father of two who plays in two recreational leagues. He signed a contract, put on his gear and then, amazingly, stopped all seven shots he faced.

They have emergency backup goalies for low-probability — very low-probability — events like this; Scott Foster is usually a thirty-six year old accountant.  He normally just goes, signs up, watches the game (presumably for free), and goes home*. Last night, he suited up, kept the Blackhawks’ lead for them, and got the team belt for best play. I also sincerely doubt that he got any work done today, but that is the price for temporary demigodhood.

I need to watch more hockey.  Shoot, I need to get back to watching hockey.  It’s a soothingly beautiful sport.

Moe Lane

*Which is by the way a BRILLIANT hack and gives me yet another reason to wish that I had grown up somewhere that had organized hockey on the high school level.


  • acat says:

    .. and if he tells the story well, Scott Foster may never pay for a drink again. The ‘hawks fans are .. fanatical and generous.
    Note that every pro sport except baseball seems to have some of these “emergency” players .. football teams routinely list “emergency quarterbacks”, for example.
    This does seem to be quite a nice hack.

    • Finrod says:

      In the NFL, the emergency quarterback is the 3rd quarterback. The rule regarding it was abolished in 2011; teams then dressed 45 players for a game and could have a 46th that also dressed as the 3rd quarterback, but the rule also stated that if the 3rd string quarterback entered the game, the starter and backup were ineligible for the rest of the game. That rule was put in to keep teams from using it to stockpile QBs, basically. In 2011 they got rid of all that and just changed it so teams can dress 46 players.

  • darkiguana says:

    All NHL teams have few people on standby in their cities for this case. They rotate throughout the season. These emergency backups are available for either the home or away team. So had Winnipeg had a similar situation, Mr Foster could have suited up for them.

  • jeboyle says:

    “I think I’m just about hitting my prime.”

    And some of the NHL teams are joking about hiring him as an accountant. God Bless America indeed.

    A dream come true for guys his age. Now I just hope Hollywood doesn’t screw up the film version.

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