Book of the Week: Uncompromising Honor.

David Weber’s Uncompromising Honor* — the first new Honor Harrington novel starring Honor herself — is only available as an eARC, but it’s the Book of the Week anyway. I know that a lot of you don’t like eARCs as much as I do, but the brutal truth of it is that the print version of the book isn’t going to be coming out until October. Which is why I dropped everything and got the eARC the moment it came out.  Your call, folks.

And so, adieu to Vanguard. Geary vs Harrington… no. Don’t be absurd, Moe. They’d never fight each other and the rest of the galaxy would fall all over itself to surrender before the two teamed up.

*I can’t deny that the title is accurate.


  • Jeff Weimer says:

    I’ll pull the trigger for a Larry Correia eARC, but not for Weber again. I was disappointed with the last one.

    • acat says:

      I like Weber’s writing and world-building .. Mad Wizard Weber is very fitting.
      What I don’t enjoy .. as much .. is the “Cast of Thousands” effect .. too many characters vying for attention for my poor brain to keep track of.
      *IF* our esteemed host indicates this one stays nicely focused, I’ll consider plunking down for the eARC .. I do have a 6 hour flight in a week or two, and that’s about right for a Weber.
      p.s. Pity there’s not a Moe Lane volume, eh? (waits patiently)

      • Moe_Lane says:

        Working on it, man. As to the Weber book; I dunno if there are too many characters or not. It certainly resolves certain things.

  • BigFire says:

    I got sucked into Jason Anspach and Nick Cole’s Star Wars but not Star Wars(tm) series Galaxy’s Edge this past week. From one of their interview, they actually wrote book 2 Galactic Outlaw first (sort of Seven Samurai, with Yoda as a really old bounty hunter with flash back from his various lifetime of memories, brashy smuggler/bounty hunter and lots and lots of fun). Then they wrote the Clone Trooper/Storm Trooper in Afghanistan with Legionnaire and tied in both novels with the epilogue for Legionnaire. There are super power in this universe, but only the bad guys have them.

    Since its initial publication in June 2017, there are 7 novels in the main storyline and 1 spinoff dealing with the Emperor figure. Sure they stockpile the novels before going onto publication blitz, but it’s still a very respectable pace.

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