And the Future World trailer.

And then there’s Future World, which presents itself like it’s a Fallout mod where the modder had finally worked out all the bugs about using vehicles in-game.

Note that this is not a criticism. I’m also glad that Lucy Liu is getting work. It is a criminal shame that she never played Alice Hong in a (sadly hypothetical) movie adaptation of SM Stirling’s Islander trilogy, because that would have been the role that she would have been born to play.  But enough about my odd and possibly deviant opinions; this doesn’t look too bad, and very possibly it is absolutely inspired by Fallout.  I mean, surely somebody in the production has played a game in that series.  They probably can’t say, because then Bethesda will want a piece, but there’s a lot of Fallout 3 and New Vegas in that trailer.

Again: not a criticism.


  • 1_rick says:

    This looks pretty stupid.

    Therefore, it’s a matinee viewing.

  • acat says:

    Meanwhile, A Cat is waiting patiently for “Elementary” to pick up again ..
    Liu and Miller provide what I consider one of the best takes on the characters in a long time.. a remarkably brilliant but damaged and unlikable Holmes with Liu’s Watson up to the challenge.

  • Compound says:

    They’re making a movie about the old Worlds of Wonder setting? Will it still have the planetary teleporters that Chaosium put in so that they wouldn’t have to design starship rules?

    • jeboyle says:

      It doesn’t look like it, but I’d pay to see that movie.

      Around the time that Worlds of Wonder was released, there was a rumor that the starship rules were going to be done and then incorporated in another game (Ringworld, possibly). I’m not sure what happened after that.

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