Yeah, it was allergies.  We’re pretty sure.  It was just allergies at a level that put me in bed for the day, and I was supposed to go somewhere fun today*.  The pollen count around here must be hovering at almost tangible levels.

Pray for rain, folks. I know that I am.

Moe Lane

*We had a babysitter and everything. So I sent my wife off to go herself, of course. I’m not dying.

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  • jeboyle says:

    I could actually SEE the pollen on the neighbors’ car windows this morning.

    Get better soon.

  • 1_rick says:

    Bummer, man. Rampage was *good*. Although a line from one of the trailers disappeared.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Like, good-good?

      • 1_rick says:

        A giant, gliding wolf, a giant albino ape, and a giant crocodile demolish downtown Chicago. What else is there to say? You don’t watch a movie like that for the Shakespearean dialogue.

        • 1_rick says:

          Checked my bank balance that evening, btw, and discovered I’d donated $55 to an enterpreneur behind the food counter. Went down there after work yesterday with a printout of my account activity statement and got it taken care of.

          Apparently we have to go back to “yes, I want my receipt”.

  • Freddie Sykes says:

    I am a believer in using herbs – especially echinacea and goldenseal – and RAW LOCAL honey to build up my immune system against pollen. I hear that antihistamines can require ever increasing dosages to be effective. Unfortunately, it is a little late in the year to start a program for best results.

    • acat says:

      The key to honey is it must be *local*, *raw*, and *actually honey*.
      Seriously, you’ve probably got a local apiarist, and don’t even realize it .. find them and ask them who’s got the good local stuff.
      This is because raw honey contains pollen, in a convenient honey coating, so you don’t react to it until it hits the intestines, where the gut tells the immune system “we found this stuff in the food” and the immune system says “oh, okay, then it’s not a threat” and react .. less.
      Cooked honey (pasteurized?) degrades the pollen. Non-local won’t have the *right* pollen.
      Yes, some of what’s sold as honey is actually dyed corn syrup.
      Support your local apiarist.
      p.s. just don’t give raw honey to kids under 3

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