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Ginnie the Fixer [600pt]


Attributes [175]: ST 12 [20], DX 13 [60], IQ 14 [80], HT 11 [10]

HP 12, Will 14, Per 15 [5], FP 11

Social Background
TL: 8 [0]
Cultural Familiarities: Western (Native) [0].
Languages: English (Native) [0]; Spanish (Accented) [4].

Advantages [413]: Appearance (Attractive) [4], Charisma (2) [10], Combat Reflexes [15], Common Sense [10], Danger Sense [15], Daredevil (2) [30], Fit [5], Flexibility [5], Intuition [15], Luck (Ridiculous) [60], Reputation (Reliable go-between) (2) (All the time; People operating with, in, or against the underworld) [5], Serendipity (4) [60], Smooth Operator (3) [45], Super Luck [100], Visualization [10], Voice [10], Wealth (Comfortable) [10]

Disadvantages [-70]: Code of Honor (Comics Code) [-15], Curious (12 or less) [-5], Enemy (Various low-lifes who couldn’t accept her arbitration) (Medium-sized group (6-20 people)) (9 or less) [-20], Honesty (12 or less) [-10], Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10], Sense of Duty (The City) (Large Group) [-10]

Quirks [-5]: Doesn’t lie when wearing her Fixer Hat [-1], Likes Cigarette smoke (doesn’t smoke) [-1], None of your damned business [-1], Refuses to believe she has superpowers [-1], Trademark (Fixer Hat) [-1]

Packages [0]: Investigator (Basic Set) [0], Warrior (Basic Set) [0]

Skills [87]: Accounting IQ/H – IQ-2 12 [1], Acting IQ/A – IQ+2 16 [1]*, Administration IQ/A – IQ+0 14 [2], Armoury/TL8 (Melee Weapons) IQ/A – IQ-1 13 [1], Boxing DX/A – DX+1 14 [4], Carousing HT/E – HT+3 14 [1]*, Criminology/TL8 IQ/A – IQ+0 14 [2], Detect Lies Per/H – Per+1 16 [1]*, Diplomacy IQ/H – IQ+6 20 [8]*/**, Driving/TL8 (Automobile) DX/A – DX+0 13 [2], Electronics Operation/TL8 (Security) IQ/A – IQ+1 15 [4], Electronics Operation/TL8 (Sensors) IQ/A – IQ+0 14 [2], Electronics Repair/TL8 (Security) IQ/A – IQ+0 14 [2], Erotic Art (Human) DX/A – DX+2 15 [1]***, Escape DX/H – DX+1 14 [1]***, Fast-Draw (Pistol) DX/E – DX+1 14 [1]****, Fast-Talk IQ/A – IQ+4 18 [1]**/***, First Aid/TL8 (Human) IQ/E – IQ+0 14 [1], Forgery/TL8 IQ/H – IQ+0 14 [4], Gambling IQ/A – IQ-1 13 [1], Guns/TL8 (Pistol) DX/E – DX+2 15 [4], Guns/TL8 (Rifle) DX/E – DX+2 15 [3], Holdout IQ/A – IQ-1 13 [1], Knife DX/E – DX+0 13 [1], Lockpicking/TL8 IQ/A – IQ+1 15 [4], Main-Gauche DX/A – DX+2 15 [8], Mechanic/TL8 (Automobile) IQ/A – IQ+0 14 [2], Observation Per/A – Per-1 14 [1], Research/TL8 IQ/A – IQ+1 15 [4], Saber DX/A – DX+2 15 [8], Savoir-Faire (High Society) IQ/E – IQ+3 17 [1]***, Search Per/A – Per-1 14 [1], Sex Appeal (Human) HT/A – HT+5 16 [1]**/***/*****, Shadowing IQ/A – IQ-1 13 [1], Shield (Shield) DX/E – DX+2 15 [4], Streetwise IQ/A – IQ+2 16 [1]*, Throwing DX/A – DX-1 12 [1]


*Includes: +3 from ‘Smooth Operator’
**Includes: +2 from ‘Voice’
***Includes: +3 from ‘Flexibility’

****Includes: +1 from ‘Combat Reflexes’

*****Includes: +1 from ‘Appearance’

Stats [175] Ads [413] Disads [-70] Quirks [-5] Skills [87] = Total [600]


Note: Ginnie gets a base +5 reaction from Status 0 individuals (+1 from Appearance, +2 from Diplomacy, +2 from Charisma). She also has +2 from Voice, +3 from Smooth Operator, +1/+3 from Honesty, +2 from Sense of Duty (The City), and +2 Reputation as a reliable go-between in underworld negotiations. This means that in said negotiations everyone else will react to her very favorably, ranging anywhere from +5 to +17, with +10 being a conservative midpoint. Ginnie has used this reputation to do things like stop gun battles while they were still going on.


Ginnie the Fixer (“Virginia Anderson,” if you’re looking at her P.I. license)  will happily explain to you that she is absolutely not a superhero. She can’t fly, isn’t immune to bullets, doesn’t shoot beams out of her eyes; honestly, she’s just a normal person like anybody else.  Aside from being a little lucky, of course. But that’s nothing unusual. More of a reputation than anything else.


Said reputation, among the street-level superheroes, crooks, and villains in her home city, is considerably more towering than Ginnie the Fixer wants to admit.  Ginnie’s a legend on the streets, in fact. She’s always in the right place at the right time, never gets surprised, manages to catch a break every single time, doesn’t ever have a bad day, has the answers fall right into her lap. Fire a gun or throw a punch at her, and you’ll miss.  


But you won’t attack her — unless you’re an idiot — because she’s absolutely juiced-in. Ginnie the Fixer is the person people go to when they need to bury the hatchet or come to an understanding.  She won’t help gangsters negotiate who gets what territory, but if you want to return a hostage without it turning into an ambush then you call Ginnie and she’ll set that up. And sometimes even criminals want to make arrangements on situations that aren’t actually criminal in nature.  Ginnie can arbitrate that, no trouble.


She wants to arbitrate that, because Ginnie is as committed to keeping her city safe as any costumed hero. Not that she’s a superhero, of course. But when she puts on her ‘Fixer Hat’ (an actually fairly snappy fedora) people in the know start actively treating her as a superhero. Or a particularly amiable and easygoing supervillain, depending on which side of the law they’re on. It generally all works out.


Seeing Ginnie the Fixer in combat is fascinating.  Like many people with probability-altering powers, she’s not so much recklessly brave in combat as she’s only vaguely aware that Ginnie  might ever be in actual danger. It’s hard to hit her, given that she gets bonuses in risky situations (Daredevil), typically makes her defense rolls (Luck and Super Luck), never gets surprised (Danger Sense), reacts quickly in combat situations (Combat Reflexes), always seems to have the advantage of her surroundings (Serendipity), and doesn’t do dumb things (Common Sense). Typically, when Ginnie absolutely has to attack somebody, she’ll throw a punch; while she carries a gun and knows how to shoot it, she’s never willingly fired it at another living thing.  Then again, if she’s in combat in the first place that means that Ginnie had gotten really, unlucky — which means that it rarely happens. On the other hand, her office does sport a rather nice fencing saber on the wall.  Ginnie absolutely knows how to use it, typically with a knife in her off hand.


When asked about why and where she learned to fence, Ginnie’s response is a cheerful “None of your damned business.”  In fact, “None of your damned business” is Ginnie the Fixer’s go-to response when questions arise about her history, personal life, and skillset. It’s known that she went to college, got a degree, and got her private investigator’s license with all due speed. Other than that, not much is known. And, honestly, not many people care.  The ones who do are typically street thugs who ended up on the wrong side of an arbitration; and they’re not good at getting back at Ginnie. Alas, there always seems to be another willing to have a beef.

The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

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