The ‘Incredible Hulk’ Honest Trailer.

It’s fair.

Like Honest Trailers, I thought that the movie is underrated. It’s also not really that great a fit for what the MCU ended up being.  And what’s that?  Well, it apparently has become a system where a bunch of superheroes come together for the smash-em-up spectacle flicks, and then retire to make individual actually-quite-good hybrid superhero-whatever movies. The Incredible Hulk isn’t exactly that.  But as a standalone it’s pretty good.

Moe Lane

PS: Ed Norton in the full MCU would have been maybe a bit too surreal, sad to say.

PPS: They also get full points for putting the origin story in the opening title sequence.  I almost stood up and cheered when I saw them do that. I don’t need to be told who the Hulk is!  He’s a big green guy who yells “HULK SMASH!” Popular culture has made sure that I’m up to speed on this!

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