Infinity War’s $258 million opening embarrassingly proves me wrong.

So, hey, I know nothing about predicting box office: “Infinity War posted the biggest Saturday and Sunday ever at the North American box office on its way to record-shattering $258 million weekend, according to final numbers. (That’s up from Sunday’s estimated $250 million.).”  As that first link shows, I was tentatively going ‘well, $220 million wouldn’t be too unusual.’  I absolutely did not think that it would hit $250 million, let along $258 million.

Also: dagnabbit, I absolutely should have done what other people did and made it a one-two double feature with Black Panther  (from second link): “Moviegoers created their own Black PantherInfinity War double feature over the weekend. While most films got pushed to the side by Infinity WarBlack Panther moved back up the chart in its 11th weekend from No. 8 to No. 5, something Disney didn’t even anticipate.” Why didn’t I think of that? — But I take some comfort in realizing that neither did Marvel/Disney. It’s nice to know that it wasn’t immediately obvious. I guess.

Moe Lane


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