‘Tom’s Diner.’

Tom’s DNA, Suzanne Vega and DNA

I always liked the remix better than the original, honestly.


  • Luke says:

    That sound you hear is me grinding my teeth, as I quietly loathe you.
    Why do that to us?
    What have we ever done to deserve *that*?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I have eclectic tastes. Sometimes that means I go into dark waters, man.

    • Rockphed says:

      Gah! Your first line there was almost the right meter to be a line from this song! How could you do this to me?

      • Luke says:

        Unfortunately, it’s just from having the song stuck in my head. (No, I didn’t listen. It’s just that horrible of an earworm. There could be books of stories written about the Lovecraftian madness evoked by this song.)
        Had it been intentional, I’d have made the comment as pointless as the lyrics.

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