Item Seed: Lava Ice Cream.

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Lava Ice Cream


Lava Ice Cream is in fact made from lava; well, the lava is technically flavoring.  It’s a fascinating use of enchanting magic, really; the base is regular ice cream that has had the lava magically mixed with it.  The result is an ice cream that simultaneously tastes hot (but not dangerously hot) while still showing all the properties of something that melts at room temperature.  The sensation is remarkable, particularly since Lava Ice Cream doesn’t actually taste horrible.  A bit salty-sweet, but that’s hardly unusual in the ice cream world.

Doesn’t really matter, though, because fire elementals, dragons, lava golems, and anything else with an internal temperature that could melt iron love Lava Ice Cream. One weird property of the stuff is that it starts to freeze again at 700 degrees Fahrenheit; toss a crate of the stuff into a volcano, and it’ll keep forever.  Or until a bunch of aforementioned fire-based creatures come across the stash, and consume it with happy cries. The taste is amazing to them; more importantly, Lava Ice Cream is as supernaturally-but-safely cold to those creatures as it is supernaturally-but-safely hot for humans.  This makes it an absolutely unique taste sensation, for creatures that are not used to having those.


It’s not addictive, but as a bribe or a reward Lava Ice Cream can’t be beat.  Dragons in particular enjoy the stuff, to the point of where a smart merchant or mayor can arrange for all sorts of draconic concessions or services in exchange for a regular supply of the ice cream.  Like that wagon of it, right over there. Yup, that’s what the party’s been hired to deliver. The preservation spells on the barrels should last for at least another two weeks. Worse case scenario, stick ‘em in a bonfire and the Lava Ice Cream should keep from melting.


But that’s in case something’s gone wrong.  But it’s just a simple delivery. What could go wrong?

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