Bethesda really is doing Rage 2…

…and it’s got, um, hues.

Well, it’s very punk, very very Mad Max 2, and it looks like my character is going to have to break yet another game world full of Raiders to the will of the Queen of the Girl Scouts. That was the major problem with Nuka World, by the way.  There just weren’t enough Raiders screaming in terror as I brought two centuries of Commonwealth justice down upon their unworthy heads*.  Hopefully this will be better sport.

Moe Lane

*I do understand that playing that Fallout 4 DLC straight was not devoid of interest.  Well, not devoid of interest to others.  I was fine with slaughtering bad people until I ran out of .308 ammo.

6 thoughts on “Bethesda really is doing Rage 2…”

  1. It certainly has attitude.
    I’m reservedly optimistic. But I can’t entirely say why.
    (Except that Master Blaster would fit right in.)

  2. A couple of the shots look to be lifted from the Borderlands 2 game trailers (specifically Krieg’s intro movie.) I guess we will see if it has more to offer.

    As far as Nuka World. I think the first playthrough I went through was on my stealthy sniper character. I was willing to play nice until they asked me to start raiding my own settlements. I do not hold with that.

    The second time, I went through with my Power Armor/Heavy Weapons BOS character. There was decidedly less ‘playing nice’ and more piles of smoking ash.

    I do not think I have played a single playthrough of that DLC straight. Just does not hold any interest for me.

    1. Yeah. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I fully grok that it scratched an itch for people who liked being bad in the Fallout universe, and those people have a right to their playthroughs. Just wasn’t for me.

      1. I have never played “queen of the girl scouts” .. but I do generally end up as something akin to Cisco and Pancho ..
        Chaos and disruption of the status quo, with a general trend toward healthier society.
        p.s. Bonus points for figuring out how this is a song request.

  3. Check out the gameplay trailer. It’s gonzo. Completely over the top, in all the best ways.
    The music on the trailers kicks butt. (Both songs by Andrew WK, “Get Ready to Die”, and “Party ’til You Puke”.)

  4. Looks like Beth and iD had Avalanche Studios handle this one. So, if you enjoyed the Just Cause games, that’s a point in Rage 2’s favor. They’ve got lots of experience making frantic, bonkers, open world games which by the promo vid is the angle they’re taking.

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