New Incredibles 2 trailer.

Some new footage, there.

Well, sure, it’s a couple of days old, but still new to me.  Looks promising, honestly.  I want to see more of Violet’s power set; it looks like she’s learned that force fields can do more than make defensive bubbles.  Honestly, control over the electromagnetic spectrum is a dang powerful meta-power to have.

Incredibles 2 is coming out June 15th, and I’m absolutely seeing it.  And as much for the secondary characters, too.


  • BigFire says:

    Read the Reckoner trilogy by Brandon Sanderson on just what kind of havoc someone with Force Field can cause.

    And for really creative use of power, the Japanese manga/anime series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures has amongst the powerset the ability to make something soft. It only sounded useless.

    • Rockphed says:

      Depending on constraints, making things soft ranges from “incredibly powerful defensive ability” to “muwahahahah! I am the god-emperor of mankind! Bow before me foolish antagonist!” And that is with mere seconds to consider ways to “make things soft” in a fight.

      • BigFire says:

        One of the recent ‘villain’ in My Hero Academia has the power of making things elastic that he touches. The definition of things he can touch includes air as in he can make a reflective shield by just touching them. And he was using this both offensive and defensive very creatively.

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