So, no Origins for me now.

I was planning to hit it this year as a reentry into the larger gaming con experience, but after this ridiculous Larry Correia dis-invitation nonsense I ain’t going.  Which is fine: it was going to be expensive, anyway… what? No, not the hotel and the registration or even the airfare. I was going to be at a gaming convention.  With a working credit card.  It was going to be a horrorshow, to the point where I might have had to decide on whether to jettison clothes to make room for purchases.

:spreads hands: But, hey, Origins: you do you. I’m sure that nobody wanted my money, anyway.

Moe Lane

PS: I recognize that this is close to the Line.  Sorry.  But I ain’t no coward.

15 thoughts on “So, no Origins for me now.”

  1. Cheezing off the International Lord of Hate and his Hoon Squad is .. just bad business.
    Don’t they read Tom Stranger?

  2. Sigh. I’m old enough to remember when Origins was THE gaming convention. Well, they’ve lost my business and from what I’m hearing, the blow back radius is going to be bigger than most expect.

  3. If it wasn’t for how difficult it is to get a room in the host hotels, Moe, I’d suggest you come to DragonCon.

  4. John Ward must either resign in disgrace, or be fired.
    Moe, I see the line as a temporary feature. Over time, it will shift, or even disappear.
    The Left’s MO is “you will be made to care”. They will force the issue.
    In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the respite and nerd news from someone who isn’t frantically virtue signaling their wokeness.

    1. The worst of it is that most of the people pushing this nonsense probably find RPGs and the like contemptible. So they probably wouldn’t be interested in something like Origins – except that there are people at Origins who don’t toe the line and must be made to care. So by kicking out Larry Correia, Origins is demonstrating that it’s willing to bow before a bunch of people who aren’t going to pay any attention at all to Origins once they’ve refashioned it to their own personal liking (and, incidentally, driven off most of the people who actually *do* like the sort of thing that Origins is supposed to cover).

  5. This is all becoming like a magical incantation, say the right words and things happen. Follow the ritual and get what you want.

    *wanders off muttering about men without chests*

  6. FWIW, PAX might be a decent entry back into larger gaming cons – and I’m not sure if the kids are old enough, but PAX South at least was very family friendly.

    And January’s a perfect time to visit San Antonio, with any luck it can be 75 and sunny. Of course, you might get the odd ice storm as well that time of year.

    1. Particularly PAX-Unplugged right up the road in Philadelphia and more geared to, as the name implies, the analog media of gaming.

  7. Discovered earlier today that a person that I’m acquainted with was one of the folks who lead the charge to get Correia removed. Sigh. Just solidified my already low view of that person.

  8. I heard about this on Sarah Hoyt’s website a few days ago, and then followed along on a couple of the comment threads on Larry’s Facebook page (I drop in most days to take a look at his most recent posts). One of the items that got mentioned in the comments there is that apparently John Ward has been attempting damage control by contacting the vendors and warning them that Mr. Correia has a small but very vocal fanbase that likes to make a fuss all out of proportion to their size. And Ward knows this because that’s what they did during Sad Puppies.

    Or in other words, “Pay no attention to the complaints that you’re about to get because of my ham-handed actions.”

  9. David Weber weighs in:
    For those who only know Weber as a writer, he got his start writing scenarios and expansions for games, so he’s been involved in gaming since the early 80s. (Heck, I started reading his books because I was reading the back cover of a novel in a Waldenbooks and realized that “Holy cow! This is a Starfire book! This is the guy who wrote the ISW scenarios in Nexus #2!”)

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