Deadpool 2 tomorrow!

Finally.  I think that tomorrow is the first day in about two weeks where I didn’t have something or other scheduled.  Well, except for grocery shopping, but there’s a supermarket  right next to the movie theater.

I am looking forward to finally seeing Deadpool 2: I have been reassured that It Does Not Suck.  I even have some marginal, small, likely futile hope that Solo will likewise not, to quote the colorful argot of my childhood, ‘blow chunks.’ Heck, if Incredibles 2 is likewise good then I will have seen five movies in theaters this year that were worth seeing in theaters.  This is hardly a guaranteed outcome.

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  • 1_rick says:

    The first story I heard about Solo was “early audiences love it!!1”. I didn’t read it closely but it wasn’t clear to me whether “audiences” meant the usual thing or “reviwers”. A few days later (this is probably around Friday) I heard it was getting mixed reviews. At this point I’m viewing it as “probably Sunday after hitting up Box Office Mojo for the numbers and Rotten Tomatoes for the audience liked it percentage”. I’m certainly not going to commit to an evening showing before Sunday, and Saturday matinee’s unlikely, too.

    By contrast I saw Deadpool at noon Saturday, without research, just from the trailers.

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