My mini-review of Deadpool 2.

Short version: It Did Not Suck.  I liked it.  Deadpool 2 may not take itself entirely seriously, but it takes me seriously, and does not wish to waste my time.

Slightly more extended version: can’t say much about the plot, because spoilers — a bunch of spoilers, and I appreciate everybody for not telling me any — but Deadpool 2 is a solid sequel. One thing that struck me is that the folks making this series actually like both the original source material, and comic books in general.  You can tell.  And that includes Ryan Reynolds himself; dude ain’t just punching a time clock, here.  He wanted to do this role with all the zeal of a convert.  Such genuine enthusiasm elevates the film a bit above the ‘well-crafted sequel to a surprise hit’ level.  Again: It Did Not Suck.

Oh, and watch the whole thing through for the audio bit at the end.

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  • prayerborne says:

    I had THOUGHT that I heard some…colorful lyrics to the Scary Gothic Chorus during the final fight sequence, and was gratified that the end credits verified that for me

  • Compound says:

    The audio bit at the end, if I remember correctly, was also played during the fight scene with that particular character.
    It is also the reason why the CD of Deadpool 2’s score is the first motion picture score to have a parental advisory warning on it. Track 11 of that score, I think. (Very light spoilers in the track titles BTW.)

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