The Battlefield V first look trailer.

I don’t think I have a PC that could handle Battlefield V.

I’m also given to understand that the presence of a woman on the World War II battlefield is causing… talk.  I understand that she really should have a Russian accent, there — but, judging from the game play witnessed in this trailer, Battlefield V‘s attitude towards historical accuracy* is best expressed by the tableaux at 1:13.  Mind you, I don’t have one to three other people to play this with, either.

But it does look quite entertainingly mad.

Moe Lane

*Oh, I’m sure that every gun, weapon, and vehicle will be rigorously fact-checked.  I was there for the great Steve Jackson Games GURPS WWII playtest — which I promptly hid from, because I know when I’m competing outside of my weight class.  God help you if a turret build under the vehicle rules didn’t perform to real-life specifications.  No, seriously.  WWII geekery ain’t like any other geekery out there, man. It just ain’t.


  • junior says:

    Or give the woman a French accent and call her a member of the resistance. Or really *any* accent aside from an American or Commonwealth one.

    And speaking of the historical accuracy – I’m pretty sure that the “rocket” in the video was a V1. So far as I can recall, V1s were never targeted at any location that wasn’t British soil. Mind you, there were plenty of German battlefield rockets that they could have used. But they decided to go with the V1, presumably because of its iconic early cruise missile appearance.

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