Tweet of the Day, I’d Watch A Warriors/Batman Crossover edition.

I’d totally watch that.

Or, you know, the more overtly horror flick described in that picture.  Watching an entire street gang get whittled down to three or four people over the course of an hour and a half would be fascinating.  I’m only thinking Warriors/Batman crossover because… well, because of the visuals.  The Warriors is Gotham City without a Batman, but with people still determined to dress in a themed fashion while committing crimes.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I’d Watch A Warriors/Batman Crossover edition.”

  1. You may not be aware, but The Warriors was a book before a movie…. And quite the disturbing tale it is. The basic framework you find in the film is there, more fleshed out and understandable even, but the casual racism of the underclasses, the stupid earnestness of 1960s social programs in NYC, and an out of left field (and completely unnecessary) coda concerning an incestuous coupling make it a very difficult read.

    It’s on my short list of movie over book preferences.

  2. I thought the Warriors was Xenophon’s Anabasis in a modern setting…

    Now I want to see a Hellenistic Batman.

    1. Anabasis in a modern setting…That’s the high-falutin’ way the author describes it (if he does say so himself – -and he do).

      re: Hellenistic Batman – Dig up the old Elseworlds comics from DC – Supes and Bats and a few others re-set in various historical or literary settings.

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