A reminder: this site isn’t that important.

Go have a hot dog, or a burger, or maybe some potato salad. We’re having lasanga for the big dinner, just as soon as people come back from the traditional trip to the surplus store. Heck, I’m contemplating having another can of beer. Why cans? Heck, why not?

See you folks tomorrow. Unless I think of something interesting to say today, of course.


  • Patrick Thomas says:

    Why cans? They cool down quicker in ice and the lining on most cans has taken away the tinny aftertaste.

  • Gnarledhotep says:

    I *finally* discovered canned beers that I like, and they happen to be locally brewed. I had one before transitioning to a tequila – orange liqueur – fresh-squeezed lime Adult Beverage of Choice (TM) that seems appropriate for the 90-something degree weather here in South-Central Kansas.

    And it’s not that the site is important – it’s that the site has an overlap in subject interests and opinions.

    In any case, until tomorrow.

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