Penguin to be main villain for The Batman?

It ain’t really Tweet of the Day territory, but it’s interesting.

Not least because, hey, maybe they’re really going to do The Batman, huh?  It’s not exactly a safe bet: Warner Brothers may want a DCEU movie franchise juggernaut, but they’re having the devil of a time creating one. Which paradoxically may fast-track a standalone Batman movie. Hollywood has a real problem these days understanding Superman in a non-ironic fashion.  Batman, they can get their heads around.

But who the heck do you get to be Penguin? Danny Devito was pretty much perfect for that part. You’d have to have the part be presented in a completely different way, honestly.


  • bensdad00 says:

    DeVito was perfect for Burton’s Batman, but that neighborhood gets more seedy every year and I personally found the character unnecessarily over the top gross.
    I watched the first season and a half of the Gotham TV show despite Will Smith’s racist wife, and Robin Lord Taylor (sic?) had an interesting take on the character, but the show itself has become unbearable with their decision to make Gordon morally relativistic.
    And finally, shame on you for dissing Burgess Meredith.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      It is starkly inconceivable that Hollywood can ever recreate the lightning in a bottle that was the Adam West Batman. Why raise a false hope? 🙂

      • bensdad00 says:

        Let’s go with forlorn hope rather than false – -once in a great while those worked.

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