The cruel Bumblebee trailer.


As people have been saying… it’s not a bad trailer.  It’s not a bad look for Bumblebee.  There’s a legit, if often done, story there.  Nothing blew up.  If I didn’t know where it will all lead, I would be… happy?  Yes: I think that I would be ‘happy,’ because I watched a lot of Transformers when I was a kid and this would look good.

But I know how this all ends.

Moe Lane

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  • junior says:

    Yeah, the trailer looks nice. Good “celebration of life and adventure” flick. Though the presence of Starscream(?) and the military suggests it’ll go off those particular rails at some point.

    Looks like he acquires a second vehicle form in the movie. One of the shots where he has the visored face appears to show a Jeep-style grill on his chest.

  • JustDave says:

    Honestly, this looks a lot like that robot dog movie you posted a trailer for a while ago, just young man becomes young woman and robot dog becomes robot car

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