Come read the story I used to lose the Secret World Legends writing contest!

It’s on Patreon (for free).  I kind of felt bad that ‘Downtime’ didn’t win, until I remembered that the story is about Secret World Legends crashing to desktop, only viewed from the inside and from the point of view of my character’s Agent minions.  Yeeeeeaaah I can see why FunCom might be a little leery about rewarding that one with a free T-shirt for my main character.

Still, I thought that it was all right for a 750-worder.


  • Rockphed says:

    That was legitimately funny. I’m not sure I have ever considered what the jumbles of memory and will that populate digital words do when I shut them down. Then again, I don’t play many persistent world games, so when I shut things down they just freeze until I reload the game. It must be hard when I save-scum to go back in time: they probably get PTSD over reliving the same death time and time again.

  • acat says:

    I liked it.
    I agree, it’s .. probably not the most tactful thing to say to a game company .. “Pick mine, it’s about what happens when your software blows chunks!” but I liked it.

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