The Operation Finale trailer.

This had better not suck.

I forget where I saw this first, but whoever brought it to my attention was worried that Operation Finale might suck. Which is fair; it could. But it had better not. If there’s a more morally justifiable government operation than extracting Adolf Eichmann and bringing him back to stand trial, I cannot recall it at the moment. Story writes itself, the themes are obvious, and the dialogue would be trivially easy.  If Hollywood messes it up, it’s because it wanted to.

But Hollywood didn’t mess up Dunkirk, so maybe it’ll be OK.


  • junior says:

    The thing that worries me about the trailer is the moral equivalence being asserted by the speaker at the start of the trailer. Hmm…

    On the other hand, the trailer also makes it *VERY* clear that the entire purpose of the operation was not to assassinate Eichmann, but rather to bring him back to Israel to stand trial.

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