The Xbox E3 Fallout 76 trailer.

[UPDATE]: Fully online play, multiplayer, build settlements anywhere, and you can launch nuclear weapons. November 14th, 2018.  I am… I’d feel better if I thought that there’d be no-PVP zones.


Definitely not DC.

This is just what they showed at the Xbox conference. The Bethesda one might have more.  Guess I’ll find out!

Moe Lane

PS: The Fallout 4 modders are going to love this.

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  1. Todd said it would be a map 4x bigger than Fallout 4’s. Based on the scenery shown so far, it looks like it goes west at least as far as Charleston, east as far as White Sulphur Springs, and north as far as Morgantown.
    Which is a pretty darn big chunk of West Virginia.

    1. What concerns me is that the shining civilization in the Shenandoah Valley that I WILL HAVE CONSTRUCTED OUT OF THE ASHES AND WRECKAGE OF THE OLD apparently will not survive long enough to impact the Capitol Wasteland. And I WILL HAVE NOT TOLERATED THE NONSENSE THAT WAS ALLOWED TO THRIVE IN THE CAPITOL WASTELAND.

        1. We found out why a Shenandoah civilization had no impact on the Capital Wasteland.
          The landscape didn’t look nearly as bleak as I expected.
          But I bet there will be a lot fewer living trees after the first few months.

          1. Yeah, giving everybody access to nukes? That’ll level the playing field pretty damn quickly. Especially when the griefers start randomly irradiating all the quest hubs as part of their morning routine. I assume that the damaged areas will reset themselves fairly quickly, though.

        2. The funny part is, there are aspects to libertarian nukes that appeal. We’ve all had to deal with that one goram player.

          1. Vinge Vernon’s The Ungoverned ended with one very well armed ‘farmer’ nuking the invading Army of Republic of New Mexico in Kansas. Not that his neighbors were happy with what he did, but the invasion was stopped.

  2. Alexia, play Skyrim.
    Bethesda is going to be claiming a good chunk of my entertainment budget this year. (But at least Blades is free to play.)
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to download the Prey update.

  3. Other notes from today- Microsoft bought *5* studios.
    *A PC Gears of War turn based game is enroute. Yes, turn based.
    *A new Battletoads game. Because Microsoft hates us.
    *A mobile-ish Elder Scrolls game on the way. They’re aiming to release it on everything.
    *More DLC for Prey. Doom sequel next year. Wolfenstein sequel next year, set in 1980s Paris and featuring BJ’s twin daughters.
    *Bethesda’s next series Starfield confirmed. After that, Elder Scrolls 6.

  4. Also, the presenter for tomorrow’s PC Gaming show? His hotel just called him to let him know that they thought he’d checked out, so they threw the notes for the show away, along with all his personal items still in the room, and they thought the cash in there was a tip.
    He’s a slight bit annoyed right now.

      1. I’m sure he’s going to mention the hotel’s name to warn anyone else into booking there.

  5. The very first fallout game ended with the detonation of a nuclear bomb. I don’t remember much about Fallout 2’s ending, except that it was really buggy and took place on an oil derrick. Fallout 3 had the Fat Man… so nuclear weapons have always been a part of Fallout. Doesn’t seem like having nukes would be a big selling feature.

    I found the settlement part of Fallout 4 a little annoying. Every five minutes I get some schlubb begging me for help against some slavers when they’re perfectly capable of picking up a gun and defending themselves.

    Just give me a room in Diamond City.

    1. Fallout 2 you shoot the President and destroy the Enclave’s oil derrick after getting your clan off. Then if you’re charismatic you can convince everyone to help you against the robocop. Even better if you’re charismatic AND a hacker. Then you just sit back and watch as the turrets and NPCs do your work for you.
      Good times.
      And call me an old-school snob. But the Bethsoft Fallout games have left me cold. There are quest lines in them that are good. But on the whole? Not feeling the importance of my choices. Which was the hallmark of the original games. And I find the settlement building tedious.

  6. Multiplayer cooperative?
    ::pictures all the Moe-followers trying to work together::

  7. So, Fallout Online, eh?

    I guess we will see how long it takes us to all turn into House. Locking yourself in a giant, beautiful casino with willing robot ladies does not seem so crazy now, huh?

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