Farming Simulator 19 and John Deere.

So… apparently Farming Simulator 19 has John Deere products now?

Judging from comments on that YouTube video, this is apparently a big thing. And you can mod them? And there are horses?

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I do not see myself as the sort of person who would play a farming simulator. But I also play games with wizards and space wizards and apocalypse wizards who can turn a couple of cans and a sack of cement into a bunker, so what right do I have to make fun of other people’s fun? — Even if I don’t quite grok it.


  • junior says:

    Just because this is a convenient spot to do so…

    Remember Metal Wolf Chaos? That’s the insanely over the top Japanese video game in which the player was the President of the United States fighting in a giant mecha against a coup attempt by the Vice President.

    Apparently it’s being remastered and finally getting a US release.

    Will I actually play it? Maybe, maybe not. But I figured most everyone here has heard of the game at one point or another, and thus it’s worth a mention.

    • Compound says:

      Devolver, who are the folks releasing this, gave the remake the tag line of “Mech America Great Again.”
      This did not go over well with the gaming press.

      • junior says:

        I wonder why the totally fair and not at all biased in any way whatsoever gaming press would be unhappy about a tag line like that?


        On a somewhat related note, it’s absolutely disgusting how much of the published gaming press is owned by the same parent company.

  • Compound says:

    I’ll note that I know a number of people who spend their down time playing Trucking Simulation games. And I work with some folks in Agriculture who fiddle with the Farming games from time to time. Although I get the feeling that they play the game in roughly the same manner as most folks play Sim City. “Let’s cause something stupid to happen. Bwha-ha-ha…”

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