Latest look at The Sinking City.

Latest look at The Sinking City:

This was the game I was looking at last month. It’s going to be a Cthulhoid investigation game, set in a city that’s… slowly sinking into the water. I guess that was obvious from the title, huh?  Anyway, we don’t actually see any of the mechanics of the game, here.  But that’s a pretty nifty atmospheric note, there.  Helps to illustrate the way that magic and madness are linked together in Mythos. I approve.


  • Aetius451AD says:

    Interesting. Being a meat puppet for an insane sorcerer is never a good thing. We’ll see.

    Have not seen you mention it, but have you taken a gander at Vampyr?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I haven’t gotten around to looking at Vampyr yet.

      • Aetius451AD says:

        My mini-review for the parts I have played so far (have no idea how far through it I am.)

        The atmosphere is exceptional.
        The combat is a bit wonky, but easy enough to get used to, just remember to check enemy resistances and try to make a build able to do multiple damage types.

        The choice making in this game is… brutal. I can see why some of the reviews I have glanced over do not like it.

        It is possibly the most dialogue heavy game I have ever seen. The amount of interaction is staggering. I cannot even think of a game to compare it to.
        Voice acting is excellent.
        A few anachronisms.

        Overall I am enjoying it, but it says to you: “You want to be Good? Well, that is the most difficult thing.”
        The game itself keeps reminding you that the easiest way to gain xp is to eat people.

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