Item Seed: Hellcracker.

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Description: imagine a jackhammer.  Now rotate it up 90 degrees and give it a sling so that it can be carried and wielded horizontally.  Recast the entire thing in titanium and tungsten and make the drill bit out of industrial diamond; all the wiring is made out of gold, and every surface has been coated with inconel. And that’s just the mundane features; Hellcracker is not covered with every charm, holy symbol and prayer known to man, but it has a hefty percentage of the ones that are generally conceded to actually work.

In case it’s not obvious, Hellcracker is an anti-demon melee weapon.  It can crack demonic chitin or armor like nobody’s business, and it hurts when a demon gets hit by it.  And not just the hurt normally associated with ‘diamond tipped jackhammer,’ either.  Hellcracker is practically made out of crystallized Good, and Evil does not react well with it at all.  This holy weapon can chew through a Duke of Hell, and has at least once.  It’s tough, too; it would take a direct hit from Lucifer Morningstar to even temporarily disable Hellcracker, and he typically chooses to ignore the relic as beneath him, anyway.


The major problem with the item is that Hellcracker is a melee weapon, which means that its wielder needs to get within a demon’s talon or barbed wing range to use it.  It’s also one of those items that are easier to operate, the more Good-aligned you are. If you have the innocent heart of a Holy Warrior for Good and you charge a demon with Hellcracker, it is as light as a feather and swift as a sunbeam breaking through the clouds.  If you are a cynical mocker and hypocrite crassly looking for fame and glory Hellcracker will turn in your hands, if it doesn’t just fly out of them and look for someone worthier of it.


And if you’re a regular person who is legitimately trying to fight for what’s right, well, you’re probably still going to die.  But you’ll do something majestic first, have an extremely meaningful death, and then go off to whatever paradise you’d been already assigned to.  Some people have found this to be a fairly merciful bargain.

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