Secret World Legends announces anniversary event.

June 20th to July 11.

Naturally, and in classic manner, comments are filled with bitter complaints about how the game sucks now and the predecessor was so much better. Yeah, well, folks: I loved The Secret World too, but the game died and all of the people that were still playing it navigated over to Secret World Legends with sighs of relief. I want proper PvP and the ability to easily target defensive targets for healing as much as anybody else, but I enjoy the ability to get groups together for lairs and dungeons even more. At least this version of the game looks like it’s more fiscally sustainable.

I know, I know: fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, gamers gotta gripe. But I’m tired and I’m not feeling well, so I’m bilious this evening. Rather literally: I should take some Mylanta.

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