Secret World Legends’ Anniversary event starts Wednesday.

The current Tribal Cache* is going away, so if you wanted that zebra mount you better hurry up.  There’s going to be a special cache for players during the event, and after that they’re bringing back the Agarthan Cache. …And with that news comes a major collapse in the Secret World Legends commodities market.  People who didn’t sell their Agarthan Caches earlier are going to take a bath on ’em.

Hey, it’s basic economics.  The Agarthan Cache was the first Cache in Secret World Legends, and it dropped what many people consider to be the best weapons in the game: Anima-Touched weapons. Basically, every time you hit somebody with one of these suckers you have a 33% chance of doing significant extra damage and getting healed for the same amount.  It’s a rare drop, though, so people would need to churn through a lot of Caches to get that weapon.  But it was worth it, because even if the weapon was the wrong kind or type people would STILL pay six figures for it.

So: high demand, low supply, charge all that the market will bear.  Only now: with the Agarthan Cache guaranteed to come back, players will have the opportunity to get all the Caches they need to get the weapon that they need.  Same demand, much higher potential supply, so the price of an Agarthan Cache is currently trading at about one-third of what it was this morning, and one-tenth of what it was last week. In two weeks it’ll probably be selling at close to minimum sales price.

All of which is why I dumped my own Agarthan Caches on the market about six months ago; I was pretty sure that there was going to be a crash like this at some point, and I doubted that I’d be able to time it right.  Turns out I was correct, which is always pleasant to discover. The item marketplace for Secret World Legends may not be an actual minigame, but I like it as one nonetheless.

Moe Lane

PS: Look, I’m gonna brag about guessing right, OK? I made about three-quarters of a million in a particular currency (which is a lot) out of figuring out when to cash in.  I’m kind of proud of it.

*Translation: “Goody bag.”

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