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Mary O’Donnell of Megalos

Race: Half-Elven

Attributes [105]: ST 10, DX 13 [60], IQ 13 [40] (IQ includes +1 from ‘Half-Elves (Banestorm)’), HT 10

HP 10, Will 13, Per 14 [5], FP 10

Social Background

TL: 3 [0]

Cultural Familiarities: Western (Native) [0].

Languages: Anglish (Native) [0].

Advantages [89]: Appearance (Attractive) [4], Charisma (2) [10], Clairvoyance (Psi) (1) [13], Contact (Fence) (Effective Skill 21) (9 or less; Somewhat Reliable) [4], Extended Lifespan (x2) [2*], High Manual Dexterity (1) [5], Magery 0 [5*], Musical Ability (1) [5], Night Vision (1) [1], Pitiable [5], Telekinesis (1) [5], Voice [10]

* = item is owned by another, point value is included in the other item.

Disadvantages [-45]: Code of Honor (Professional) [-5], Enemy (Rival) (Equal in power to the PC) (9 or less) [-10], Impulsiveness (12 or less) [-10], Overconfidence (12 or less) [-5], Pacifism (Reluctant Killer) [-5], Secret (Psionic) (Serious Embarrassment) [-5], Sense of Duty (Guild) (Small Group) [-5]

Quirks [-5]: Attentive [-1], Careful [-1], Imaginative [-1], Likes Fine Wines [-1], Nosy [-1]

Packages [0]: Entertainer (Banestorm) [0], Half-Elves (Banestorm) [27], Thief (Fantasy) [0], Thief – Burglary (Fantasy) [0] [Disadvantages changed]

Skills [56]: Acrobatics DX/H – DX+0 13 [4], Acting IQ/A – IQ-1 12 [1], Brawling DX/E – DX+0 13 [1], Carousing HT/E – HT+0 10 [1], Clairvoyance IQ/H – IQ-1 12 [2], Climbing DX/A – DX+2 15 [8], Fast-Talk IQ/A – IQ+0 13 [2]****, Filch DX/A – DX+0 12 [1], Jumping DX/E – DX+0 13 [1], Lockpicking/TL3 IQ/A – IQ+2 15 [8], Musical Instrument (lute) IQ/H – IQ+1 12 [1]**, Observation Per/A – Per+1 15 [4], Pickpocket DX/H – DX-2 11 [1], Running HT/A – HT+0 10 [2], Savoir-Faire (Underworld) IQ/E – IQ+0 13 [1], Sex Appeal (Human) HT/A – HT+0 10 [1]***, Singing HT/E – HT+5 15 [4]**/****, Sleight of Hand DX/H – DX-1 12 [2], Stealth DX/A – DX+2 15 [8], Streetwise IQ/A – IQ+0 13 [2], Traps/TL3 IQ/A – IQ+0 13 [1] [defaults from Lockpicking]

**Includes: +3 from ‘Musical Ability’

***Includes: +1 from ‘Appearance’

****Includes: +2 from ‘Voice’

Stats [105] Ads [89] Disads [-45] Quirks [-5] Skills [56] = Total [200]

Mary O’Donnell of Megalos was the result of a dalliance between the daughter of a western Megalan landed knight and a young (by his race’s standards) Elf.  The knight’s family was not entirely adverse to the union, particularly after a hasty conversion and marriage was arranged, and so Mary O’Donnell had a relatively pleasant childhood, albeit one not overly concerned either with social graces, or noble education.  Mary had charm, instead.

But her mother and human grandparents died in the plague when Mary was nineteen, and her cousin of course inherited the landholding, so Mary chose to make her own way in the world from there. Her father went back to his own people; Mary instead headed for the Goblin city of Yibyorak.  She fell in love with the city immediately. For the most part (there’s always somebody jealous of her success) the city loves her back.

Strictly speaking, Mary is not a thief.  She has the training, and even the inclination, but she’s more the sort of specialist people go to if they need something stolen back, usually from criminals who aren’t likely to bother the Yibyorak City Watch about it. This is not entirely by her choice; Mary is a Half-Elf, which makes her even more distinctive in a city where more than half of the population are Goblins. She stays on the straight and narrow (as Yibyorak defines it) because it’s easier that way.

And also because Mary would like to avoid questions about her anomalous ‘magical’ abilities. She’s enough of a regular mage to be able to detect magical items on sight and so forth, but she’s also always had what her father called Ossepa: the ‘ghost touch,’ the abilities to move small items with her mind, and to see under the surface of items.  It turns out that the Ossepa, when properly invoked, is an excellent way to manipulate locks and traps; but Mary is absolutely certain that if the Megalan hierarchy found out about her special abilities she’d find her freedom extremely curtailed. She’d rather not become a curiosity, thanks.

But it’s generally not really a major worry. Mary is just getting to the point where she can really take off in Yibyorak; she has an office with the local Adventurer’s Guild, reliable contacts in the underworld, and plenty of opportunities to use her skills. She prefers nonviolent solutions whenever remotely possible: sneak up, sneak in, get the item, leave. When that doesn’t work, she turns on the charm: the combination of her appearance, her winsomeness, her voice, her natural charisma, and a talent for spinning nonsense can get her out of a lot of bad situations.  When that doesn’t work, she runs. Mary only fights when she absolutely has to, and she doesn’t even know how to use a knife properly. But she plans for that. Really and truly, she does.

Mary O’Donnell of Megalos is a balanced starting character for a 200 pt campaign.  250 pt version: add Smooth Operator 1 [15], Telekinesis +3 [15], Wealth: Comfortable [10], and add the skills Melee Weapon: Shortsword (Club) at DX +1 [4] and Occultism at IQ-1 [1].  Further increases should go towards the above Advantages, taking the Adventurers’ Guild as a Patron, adding Contacts and Reputation, and possibly increasing Magery to 1 and adding a few useful spells.

The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.
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