Summer Solstice today.

I miss Stonehenge.

It was a really fun PvP board for The Secret World.  Basically, you’d go in, head for the center, be shot fifty million times by the Dragon faction (the ones in that PvP board apparently did nothing all day except either PvP Stonehenge, prepare to PvP Stonehenge, or carefully craft perfectly little Stonehenges at their desks and then stare at them without blinking until the map was imprinted on their DNA), die, resurrect, then listen to that one new person complain that the healers didn’t heal him. Of course they didn’t heal you, dude.  The Dragon PvPers there could smell healers.  You made anybody’s green bars go up, yours would immediately go down.  You wanted to survive, you ran in screaming and shot stuff at random. It was very cathartic… where was I?

Oh, yeah. Happy Solstice! If you’re at Stonehenge, don’t camp the Dragon respawn point.  Unless you’re geared for it, of course.

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