Tweet of the Day, That Deputy Sure Found Some Trouble Bruin edition.

I’d say I’m sorry for that, except that I try not to lie to people.

According to other reports — and contrary to what the video might suggest — the bear didn’t go after the deputy.  Instead, it did the sensible thing after being trapped in the Bad Pain Sound Demons’ Bad-Smell-Devil-Cave; it ran like heck for the safety of the woods.  Hopefully, this will teach the bear not to go into people’s cars for food.  Although, folks: if you move* to somewhere where there’s bears, don’t leave food in your car.  If only because — based on what the reports carefully aren’t saying, an answer to the age-old question has been found:

  • We still don’t know about the woods, but a bear definitely will in a Suburu Outback.

Via @noonanjo.

Moe Lane

*People who live around bears already know this, I’m sure.


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