The Deadly Snows of Kenosha [The Day After Ragnarok].

Deadly Snows of Kenosha – Google Docs

The Deadly Snows of Kenosha

[The Day After Ragnarok]

City: Kenosha, Wisconsin
Population: 50 (est.), plus ghouls
Controls: Nothing
Government: Ruins
Problem: Monsters
Heroic Opportunity: Legendary Treasure
City Aspect: Dangerous

Kenosha, Wisconsin did not survive the Serpentfall. The city got hit with a one-two punch of a nasty plague and a tainted water supply; what disease and venom didn’t kill, the sudden cold did.  The population crashed fast, too. By October of 1945 most of the survivors fled to Milwaukee, where they’ve mostly either ended up on the collectivized farms, or fodder for the mercenary gangs.

But a few of them remember that Nash Motors had a working aircraft factory at the Kenosha Engine facility.  That factory was still in use, up to the very moment of the Serpentfall; and the plant was conscientiously shut down — and its contents secured for long-term storage — by the plant workers before the plagues came.  That factory probably hasn’t been tampered with, since. All those aircraft engines, all those parts, all those tools; a smart and ambitious fella could salvage the place right proper, assuming that he had the right team.  And if he had a handy native guide, of course.

What’s in the way?  Well: half-poisoned waters, freezing cold, the few people left in Kenosha are probably cannibals by now, there’s definitely at least three major ghoul warrens in the city, there are almost certainly other monsters — and, worst of all, not every refugee from Kenosha went to Milwaukee.  Some headed for Chicago, instead. And Chicago absolutely has the kind of hard men willing to loot a dead city for aircraft engines.

But: no guts, no glory. And at that, Chicago would pay for  just as well for the stuff as Milwaukee would. Probably even better, even.  They won’t ask any questions, so you don’t offer any answers, capisce?