Details of Spider-Man: Far From Home movie surface.

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Yes, there is going to be a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming.  We surely all already knew this, correct? Correct?
Moving on: “the 2019 sequel to Homecoming will take Peter Parker out of New York for a European adventure in London that will reflect the global aftermath of “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers 4.”” Jake Gyllenhaal may end up being Mysterio, and apparently Michael Keaton will be back as Vulture.  Because what’s the point of creating a cool villain, and then just killing them at the end of the film?

I mean, seriously, MCU?

Anyway, Spider-Man in London sounds promising enough, although I do wonder how long they’re going to have him keep using his ‘made-up’ name. Most of the rest of the MCU doesn’t bother with secret identities, really; then again, most of the rest of the MCU isn’t made up of teenagers. I also wonder who else from the MCU is going to be in this flick. :dryly: Guess we’ll be able to figure it all out after Avengers 4.

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  1. They should have Peter keep using his “made up name”. While many heroes in the comic books like to keep their identities private, Peter’s a bit obsessive about it (comic book Peter would never be as casual about it as movie Peter is). This makes a certain amount of sense since his much more civilian-focused lifestyle means that he has a lot of vulnerable people in his life.

    Though it would be amusing to see some low level villain deciding to go after a particular “female friend of Spider-Man”, and see both Spidey and Vulture show up to defend her.


  2. I’m still somewhat disappointed that they kill off Killmonger in Black Panther.

  3. After this comes “Spider-Man Homeward Bound- The Incredible Journey.” I hear that Michael J Fox and Sally Field will be providing voices.

    1. Is that the one where Peter and some of his friends have to go back in time and rescue an extinct animal and then bring it forward in time to make an alien think that everything is kosher when it really isn’t?

      Somehow, that all sounds familiar…

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