Choose the form of the Destructor: the new Vampire: The Masquerade is up for preorder.

[Expletive deleted].

[Expletive deleted], [Expletive deleted], [Expletive deleted]-y [Expletive deleted]. This is bad, man.  This Vampire: The Masquerade preorder has tiers.  Tiers are dangerous.  You start off at the lowest one, and you figure that this is fine — and then you start looking at the higher tiers, and realizing that all you need to do is put in a little more to get a good deal on something that you’re going to get anyway.  And there’s your new baseline, neighbor.  It all ends with you trying to explain to your wife why you spent eight hundred bucks on a limited edition hardback with leather covers and hand-written pagination.

I’ll tell you the answer. It’s because you are weak. And because this version of VtM is Ken Hite’s baby, and it’s going to help feed his book habit.  And, yeah, because it looks so very, very pretty.


  • jeboyle says:

    I will not look at this VM 5th ed.
    I WILL NOT look at this VM 5th ed.
    I WILL NOT even LOOK at this … they even have dice.

    Oh, bugger.

  • Luke says:

    I’m torn.
    On one hand, Ken Hite!
    On the other, Vampire the Masquerade.
    Were it for a setting and system I didn’t despise, I’d be in like Flynn.
    As it is, I’m only mildly tempted.

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