Delta Green: The Labyrinth Kickstarter drops tomorrow.

I know three things: the title (Delta Green: The Labyrinth*); that it drops tomorrow; and that the author of this Mythos RPG sourcebook is John Scott Tynes. …And that’s the ballgame right there, folks. John Tynes was one of the original authors of the original Delta Green books, which I found in the legendary Compleat Strategist gaming store in NYC. I remember looking at them, seeing the price tags**, sighing ruefully — then stopping. Wait, I said. I have a real job, I said. I could buy these. Just, you know… buy them.

And I did, and they were wonderful, and now Tynes is back to write more Delta Green. I look forward to reading it.  And to jump on this Kickstarter with both feet the moment it goes live.


**”Forty bucks for Delta Green: Countdown? That’s a lot of money!” …Oh, we were all such sweet, summer children in the late 1990s.

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