The ‘Well Alrighty Then’ Alien Expedition indy movie trailer.

I suppose that we are in peak Eighties Nostalgia.

But I may be being a little too mean to Alien Expedition, here.  It’s obviously meant to be silly, it’s got a lot of silly to draw from, and it is the privilege of every generation to poke fun at the reruns that they watched uncritically when they were kids. Why should I cavil?

Although I do wonder what the movie’s going to be rated. There was a lot more casual nudity and sex romping going on back then in the movies.  We live in a somewhat more restrained age; well, more accurately, we live in an age where the smut has largely migrated to the Internet and cable, where it belongs. And get off my lawn!


  • 1_rick says:

    Wow, the CGI on that makes Syfy-produced movies look top-notch.

  • JustDave says:

    I feel like this came out of a drunken BS session where somebody blurted out “let’s make an R-rated Galaxy Quest movie”, and everybody else said “yeah!”


    And then when they sobered up, they said “eh, it’s the best idea we’ve had yet”.

  • bensdad00 says:

    Somewhere out there – not even in a parallel universe or alternate dimension, in like Burbank – an R rated copy of Galaxy Quest already exists. According to cast members at panels and in commentaries topless scenes and vulgarity were cut very late in the process, and the missing work explains some of the bizarre cuts and costume changes.

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