Netflix bringing ‘Ghoul’ in August.

This looks promising: Netflix is going to be streaming “its first Indian original horror series” in August:

Based on Arabic folklore, “Ghoul” is set in a covert detention center and follows an interrogator who arrives at the facility to discover that some of the terrorists held there are not of this world. Written and directed by Patrick Graham (“Phir Se”,) and starring Radhika Apte (“Padman”) and Manav Kaul (“Tumhari Sulu”,) “Ghoul” is a co-production between Blumhouse Productions, Ivanhoe Pictures and India’s Phantom Films.

It’s the ‘based on Arabic folklore’ that makes it look promising; the ghul is either an opportunistic carrion eater or a type of vampire, depending on who you ask and which folk tale they’re referencing. I could get down with a cat-and-mouse chase through a half-deserted facility where you don’t know who to trust (in some legends, ghuls are shape-shifters and tricksters).  Sort of like The Thing, only with a more obvious power imbalance.  I look forward with some interest to seeing the trailer.

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